Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

5 Tips To Full-Timing With A Class B RV

Patrick Fuller

Class B RVs are usually considered great for weekend camping or short trips. Most people who live full-time in their RV own a class A RV. However, full-timing in a class B RV is possible as long as you plan accordingly and are dedicated to the idea. Here are some tips that will help you live full-time successfully in a class B RV. 

Consider Bicycles For Short-Distance Transportation 

For larger RVs, the added fuel cost of towing a car can be considered negligible compared to the total fuel cost of operating the RV. However, one of the benefits of a class B RV is its lower fuel consumption, which will be lost if you decide to tow a vehicle. The RV will also be more difficult to maneuver with a car attached to it.  

Since a class B RV can generally be used as an everyday vehicle, there is little reason to tow a separate car. However, there will be times when you want to leave the RV hooked up at a campsite while you go into town for groceries or other items. Instead of towing a car, consider adding a bike rack to the back of your RV. This will increase your everyday mobility without sacrificing your better fuel consumption. 

Invest In Adequate Storage Containers

Since class B RVs are smaller, they usually have less storage than larger RVs. While you can add an additional storage container to the top or back of your RV, it is a better idea to make the most of your current storage by making sure all of your belongings are well-organized. Small storage containers allow you to store items, access them easily, and move them out of the way if you need to access another area of your RV. 

Make Sure You Get Adequate Alone Time 

If you are considering going full-time in a class B RV with two or more people, it is important to realize that it can be difficult to manage alone time. In a house you can go to a separate room if you need time alone. In larger RVs, you can get a bit of privacy by shutting a door to one of the compartments in the RV. However, in a class B RV you may find that you lack boundaries that you have taken for granted before. 

Before you go full-time, do a long-term test run and discuss your daily and weekly needs for alone time. You may benefit by making a schedule that allows each person a few hours of alone time in the RV each day or each week. 

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items 

If you are going full-time in a class B RV, it can quickly become cluttered with items you do not use on a regular basis but do not want to get rid of. This can make living in your RV less comfortable. Although it can be difficult at first, getting rid of unnecessary items can make your RV feel roomier and more pleasant. For example, you can limit your clothing to a few pairs of clothes based on how often you do laundry.

If you do not regularly use an item but are not ready to get rid of it, consider renting a small storage unit somewhere near your friends or family so they can mail you items when you need them. For more ideas, consider consulting tiny home resources

Invest In an RV With an Efficient Design 

Modern class B RVs make amazing use of a small space by utilizing multi-purpose furniture and sleek, efficient design. Before purchasing an RV, make sure you spend plenty of time in it so you know it is comfortable to move around in. If you will be living together with another person, move around inside the RV at the same time, pretending to complete various activities, to make sure you will have enough room to conduct your daily routine. It is better to buy an RV that suits your habits rather than try to fit your lifestyle to the layout of an RV.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for RVs for sale at dealerships, like Fretz RV.


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