Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

Three Steps To Planning For Ice Cream Truck Repairs

Patrick Fuller

Ice cream trucks are the highlight of the day for most children in the spring and summer. If spring is approaching and you plan to begin selling ice cream on your truck again soon, you should get the repairs to the truck done in the wintertime. If you have a lot of sprucing up to get your ice cream truck back in order, you will need to plan the repairs step by step. Here are three steps to getting your ice cream truck road and summer ready before the sunny months hit. 

Get a full check over and new tires

It is imperative that a vehicle that you are driving through residential neighborhoods around children is safe. Have a complete checkup and diagnostic of your truck before the season happens. If any issues show up during the diagnostic exam, you will need to have the repairs done before you take your truck out on the road. Along with the check-up, you should err on the side of caution and get new tires if needed. If the tread is worn or if you have been having issues with the truck bumping, get a brand new set of tires for your truck. 

Touch up the paint job

When you are running a business out of your truck, you must make sure that the name of your business and your logo is prominently displayed. While the truck is in the shop for repairs, check to see if you can get a touch-up on the paint job. Any paint that has peeled or wording that has faded should be spruced up before taking the truck out on the road. Along with the regular paint job, be sure any safety features, such as warning signs on the back or reflective triangles, are in good condition. 

Make sure the interior electronics are in shape

Along with the motor of the vehicle, you will also need to make sure that the interior electronics are running fine. This is an especially important step if your truck sits for several seasons, as car systems can decay when they are sitting. Since you will need to use several freezers and appliances, the interior electronic system needs to be healthy. Be sure that the outlets, cords, and wiring are inspected and determined to be in good health. This will make sure that your truck is safe for driving and that your ice cream investment is safe for the summer. 

Talk with a mechanic from a shop like River's Truck Center if you have question about truck repairs.


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