Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

What To Know About Automatic Transmission Slipping

Patrick Fuller

One problem that can happen with an automatic transmission is that it will slip between gears unintentionally. If you feel that your vehicle's automatic transmission is slipping, here are some tips for verifying the problem on your own.

Know How A Properly Working Transmission Will Behave

When you push down on the gas pedal, your RPMs are going to increase as your speed increases. When the car upshifts, the RPMs will go back down and ramp up again as your speed continues to increase. The transition between gears should be seamless and not noticeable, providing a smooth driving experience for everyone in the car. The transmission is what connects your wheels to the engine, and the wheels need that constant flow of power in order for them to spin at the correct speed. If the transmission is slipping, the experience is not going to be as smooth as it should. 

Know How A Slipping Transmission Will Behave 

If your vehicle's transmission is slipping, the behavior between speed and RPMs will be quite different. You are going to see that RPM meter continue to increase, but you will not see the same thing happening to your speed. Your speed may top out while the RPMs continue to increase, or the speed will not go up nearly as fast. 

Know How To Test Transmission Slipping

The best thing that you can do to test the transmission is to go to a place that is wide open and with no vehicles around. Consider using an empty mall parking lot after hours so that you do not have to worry about other vehicles on the road. Try giving the vehicle a lot of gas by flooring the accelerator so that you can take a good look at how the speed and RPMs behave. If your vehicle is not going as fast as it should and those RPMs are going up, then it is an issue with the transmission slipping and not shifting into the next gear as it should.

Know When To Take Your Vehicle To An Auto Shop

If you are still not sure what is happening with your vehicle, take it to a local auto repair shop to have the vehicle inspected. They will perform a thorough test of this part to ensure that everything is working properly, and if not, let you know what the necessary repairs will be to get it working again. 

To learn more about transmission services, visit an auto repair shop today.


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