Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

Renting A Dream Car For Your Vacation Get A Way

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Renting a car when you are on vacation is often a convenience that makes it easier to get around and see places while you are in the area. However, exotic car rentals offer the opportunity to get behind the wheel of your dream car. Sports and high-end exotic car rentals are available, so finding one you want to experience is often not too challenging.

Exotic Car Rentals

When you are looking for a sports car rental or some high-end exotic car to use for a week or two, you need to find a rental agency that deals with them. These are not cars you will find at the airport rental car counter, but a little research will often uncover places specializing in these cars that offer them as rentals.

The make and model of the car may be crucial to you, so call ahead and see if the rental agency can provide that vehicle for you during the time frame that you are going to be in the area. Often exotic car rentals are easier to find in large cities, but you may be surprised and find the car you are looking for where you are planning to visit if you look around.

Rental Costs 

Exotic car rentals often cost more than regular rentals, but the cars are much more expensive, so the rental agencies need to charge more. The upkeep and maintenance on these cars can also be much higher, so you need to expect to pay more when booking a week in a sports car or supercar.

Call the rental agency to determine the cost of the car and any additional fees for the period you need it. There may also be special requirements before renting the vehicle, and taking the time to talk to a rental agent early in the process to ensure you will not arrive to find an issue and you can't get the car you wanted.

In some cases, you may need to provide a credit card with a higher limit or a deposit for the vehicle that is higher than a standard rental car but will ensure the rental agency can repair or replace the car if you damage it.  

Insurance Coverage

Nearly all rental cars require insurance to cover the vehicle if you are in an accident. While most car insurance companies offer coverage that extends to the rental car you are driving, you must check with your carrier to determine if that insurance covers exotic car rentals. 

The insurance company may require an additional rider for the coverage or may not want to extend the insurance coverage because of the exotic vehicle replacement cost. If you need coverage, you can purchase insurance through the car rental agency for an additional fee when you pick up the vehicle.

Contact a service provider to learn more about exotic car rentals


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