Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

How To Stay On Top Of A Car's AC Repair Needs

Patrick Fuller

Auto cooling system repair work is an inevitable part of owning vehicles. Even the best systems in the newest models will eventually have repair needs. The important thing is to know the signs of trouble so you can request car AC repair quickly.

Little to No Cooling

One sign that everyone should notice is that the system isn't blowing much or any cool air. If you're uncertain about the AC's performance, hit the "Max AC" button on the console and set the system to its coldest setting. Let it run for about five minutes to make sure the problem isn't just hot air in the vents from the car sitting too long. If you're still getting little or no cool air, then there's a good chance the system needs recharging.

There is also a smaller chance that the compressor has failed and requires replacement. Likewise, a connected belt might have worn down or broken. When that happens, the compressor doesn't have the power to turn on. Replacing the belt is the common solution. If you're very lucky, there might just be a clogged cabin filter to replace.


A struggling auto AC system may also make some noise. If the belt is worn, squealing could come from the unit or the belt. Grinding occurs if parts are failing in the AC unit. You should only hear the grinding sound when you turn on the system, though. If you hear grinding noises all of the time, there's a good chance that the problem is somewhere else.


Ideally, a car's AC should prevent mold from developing in the vents. However, a failing unit might not provide sufficient drying capacity to keep mold from developing. Notably, mold can develop if you don't run the AC very often. Cleaning is difficult work, and the best solution may be to run the AC more often until the smell dissipates.

Smells also may develop if the cabin's air filter is clogged. Particularly if you drive a lot in an area with lots of dust, dirt, and other air pollution, the filter can clog easily. Also, people frequently never replace the factory filter. If you've bought a used car, it likely still has the original.

AC System Won't Come On

This one can be a tough diagnostic. The problem could be as simple as a blown fuse preventing the signal from relaying to the unit. A button could've broken, too. On the other hand, the unit might've failed. A car AC repair technician must run the full diagnostic to verify why the air isn't activating.

Reach out to a car AC repair service near you to learn more.


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